The phone with the best camera in2018

Grab one of these stellar smartphones and you might find your point-and-shoot camera collecting dust.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

From Selfies to Portraits
Your phone is the camera you always carry. And if you haven’t upgraded it in a few years, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much phone camera performance (particularly low-light image quality) has improved. In fact, we’ve pretty much reached the point that you can leave your old point-and-shoot at home as long as you’ve got a good camera phone in your pocket.

But not all phone cameras are created equal. We put every phone we review though a rigorous series of camera evaluations in our test lab to determine which are the best shooters on the market. We’ve gathered the top ten camera phones here. Not only will you not have to worry about carrying a separate camera if you’ve got one of these in your pocket, each is a stellar smartphone in its own right.

We gave the two best-selling camera phone lineups special treatment, with our camera analyst Jim Fisher looking even more deeply than usual. Take a look at his iPhone vs. Galaxy camera analysis to see which one comes out on top there.

Forget the Specs
Phone makers like to tout specs, but spec sheets are largely meaningless nowadays. Manufacturers will go on about megapixels, pixel size, and low-light performance, and while all of these factors are important, we’ve found that spec sheet promises rarely measure up in real-life performance. Optical image stabilization is another hot buzzword: It’s supposed to improve low-light performance, but doesn’t always, because the image-processing software has to cooperate properly. You have to read the reviews and check out comparison photos like the one below to get an idea of the difference in camera quality between phones.

Almost all phones have both front and rear cameras nowadays. The front cameras, designed for selfies, often have some extra triggering mechanism. For instance, phones with rear buttons or sensors like the LG V30 let you take a selfie by tapping the back of the phone; the Samsung Galaxy S8 lets you take one by saying, “Hi Bixby, take a selfie.”

Rear cameras have gotten simpler, and much better, in recent years. The trend among Android manufacturers to have a dozen confusing camera modes has died down.

Trends and Accessories
The latest trend in camera phones is the dual-lens main camera. It’s a bit of a throwback; there was a 2011 fad with dual-lens cameras being used for 3D capture (see the HTC EVO 3D), but now they’re being used for a range of different functions. The iPhone lineup, the ZenFone 3 Zoom, and the Galaxy Note 8 use them for optical zoom and “bokeh” depth-of-field focus effects. The Honor 6X just uses them for bokeh. The Honor 8 uses them for wider gamut color capture, and the LG V30 uses them for an ultra-wide angle option.

Who has the best dual-camera idea, here? Zoom seems to be the most popular, and the most in demand.

On the front, we’re seeing some selfie cameras experiment with bokeh portrait mode. Google’s Pixels do it all in software, while the iPhone X uses both its standard front-facing camera and its Face ID infrared camera to silhouette your face and blur the background.

If you’re a serious shooter, you may also want to think about accessories and photography apps. The iPhone platform still leads there, with the broadest range of extra lenses, cases, clips, and pro-level apps. But Samsung also has a good ecosystem of cases and accessories.

Do You Need a Standalone Camera?
For the ultimate in image quality, the best possible low-light performance, or killer optical zoom, you’ll still want a DSLR or mirrorless dedicated camera. Our list of the Best Digital Cameras is a great place to start. And be sure to check out our Beyond-Basic Photography Tips.

With that in mind, these are our favorite camera phones available today. We’ve stocked this list with a range of phones at different price points. So while the camera in the $249 Honor 6X is a lot more sluggish than the one in the zippy Google Pixel 2, it’s the best camera you can get on a phone under $300 right now. Also note that this list is in order of overall rating of the phone itself, and not how good the cameras are.

Featured Camera Phone Reviews:

MSRP: $750.00
Bottom Line: The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a gorgeous big-screen phone with a comfortable single-handed feel, and it’s packed with top-notch components and promising new software.

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MSRP: $799.00
Bottom Line: The iPhone 8 Plus may promise better augmented reality experiences than its smaller counterpart thanks to its dual cameras, making it the one you should buy.

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MSRP: $849.00
Bottom Line: The Pixel 2 XL combines elegant Google software and a great camera for a smooth Android experience.

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MSRP: $930.00
Bottom Line: Representing the current pinnacle of smartphone technology, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone has everything that’s great about the Galaxy S8, plus dual cameras and an S Pen stylus.

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MSRP: $999.00
Bottom Line: The iPhone X sets the stage for Apple’s next decade, with a sharp new design and a future focus on augmented reality.

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MSRP: $329.00
Bottom Line: The Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom stands out from the crowd of unlocked phones thanks to stellar battery life, dual-camera optical zoom, and a slew of unique features.

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MSRP: $649.00
Bottom Line: The Pixel 2 brings exclusive Google Assistant features you can’t get on any other phone, and lets you trigger them with a squeeze.

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MSRP: $349.00
Bottom Line: The unlocked U11 Life takes its design cues and many features from HTC’s flagship phone and offers them for a midrange price.

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MSRP: $249.00
Bottom Line: The unlocked Huawei Honor 6X phone offers a lot of Android bang for your buck, besting last year’s model in just about every way.

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MSRP: $800.00
Bottom Line: LG’s big-screen V30 lets you roam farther and capture wider images than other smartphones.


Intel reveals chip design flaw that could have allowed hackers to access hidden info

SAN FRANCISCO —  A design flaw disclosed Wednesday in Intel and some other computer chips could have allowed an attacker to view hidden information such as passwords meant to be securely stored on the chip.

Hardware and software manufacturers, including Apple and Microsoft, began pushing out patches Wednesday that protected against attacks making use of the flaw.

The flaw, which Intel dubbed a side-channel analysis attack,  was discovered “months ago” Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said on CNBC Wednesday. The discovery was made by researchers at Google’s Project Zero security group, which reported it to the affected companies.

The vulnerabilities undermine some of the most fundamental security constraints employed by modern computers, said Craig Young, a researcher at computer security company Tripwire.

“An an attacker can run code on an affected processor, which leaks information stored in the computer’s memory. This includes things like passwords and cryptographic keys, as well as information needed to more effectively exploit other vulnerabilities,” he said.

A central processing unit, or CPU, is the chip that handles the instructions a computer receives from hardware and software. It is sometimes called the “brain” of the computer.

The security flaw takes advantage of a technique called “speculative execution” used by most modern computer processors to optimize performance. It anticipates what information might be needed next and makes it available, speeding computing, Intel staff said on a conference call with reporters and analysts Wednesday afternoon.

There have been no examples of the flaw being exploited by hackers that Intel or other researchers are aware of, Steve Smith with Intel’s Data Center Engineering Group, said on the call.

The flaws could potentially affect almost all computers built in the past decade. Exactly how difficult such attacks might be to pull off, and how much information could be gained, was not initially clear.

The newly-revealed design flaw allows potential attackers to read secure memory on the chip. According to the Google researchers, the vulnerability affects central processing units made by Advanced Micro Devices, ARM and Intel, and therefore the devices and operating systems that run on them.

Wednesday afternoon chip-maker Advanced Micro Devices said in a statement that the research “was performed in a controlled, dedicated lab environment by a highly knowledgeable team with detailed, non-public information about the processors targeted.”

Given that, AMD said it believed there was “near zero risk to AMD products at this time.”

Intel (INTC) stock fell 3% on Wednesday as news of the flaw spread.

If an attacker were to make use of the flaw, it could slow most computers down by as much as 2%. Operations that require lots of information and instructions to be sent through the CPU could see slowdowns of as much as 30%, Intel officials said on the Wednesday call.

Intel said it was working with hardware and software companies to push out fixes to the problem. The company said new chips it is working on will be constructed so that the exploit cannot be used on them, while firmware and software for older CPUs will be updated.

A group of computer industry firms had been working on the issue for several months and had planned to disclose the flaw on January 9. However a news report by the computer security news site The Register on Tuesday forced companies to speed up their response.

Chelsea Star, Micheal Essien, Honoured With This Weird Looking Statue In His Country, Ghana (Photo)

There have been plenty of examples where turning a footballer into a statue hasn’t quite worked out but a recently revealed sculpture of Michael Essien has to be up there with the worst A statue of the former Chelsea midfielder has been erected in his homeland of Ghana and it is fair to say it is pretty appalling.

Essien made 256 appearances at Stamford Bridge between 2005 and 2014, helping the Blues to win nine trophies, including two Premier League titles.

Shown in Chelsea’s iconic blue home strip, Essien’s body looks severely out of proportion, while his face is far too jagged and lumps of his face appear to be missing.

He is also kicking the ball with similar technique to a toddler, his knees are strikingly thin compared to the rest of his legs and his shoulders appear to be armed with NFL-style padding.

Anthony Joshua Enjoys Quality Time With His Son, Joseph Joshua & Brother’s Girlfriend On The Beach

He shocked fans when he revealed he had a secret son in a Twitter post.  And Anthony Joshua was enjoying some bonding time with his little boy as he hit the beach in Dubai alongside his brother’s girlfriend Sam on Monday.

Cuddling up to his little one, the 28-year-old boxer waded into the sea with Joseph on his hip, before the group frolicked in the waters together.

Showing off his musclebound physique, Anthony donned a pair of khaki swimming trunks whilst he accessorised with a baseball cap and shades. Beaming broadly, the world heavyweight champion seemed in great spirits as he ran across the shore line with his son in tow.

Fans React To Singer Tiwa Savage’ Photo Showing Her N*pples (Photo)

Lol. Tiwa Savage has announced a new collaboration with fellow African act, Sautisol. She posted the above photo saying people should wait for the collabo saying it’s going to be Savage, but what everyone saw was the nipple. What generated comments was the nipple. And people just went on and on and on discussing the nipple. Some called it a DOT, some GEMSTONE, some asked if it was actually a nipple and mehn the list went on. Couldn’t concentrate in bringing all the comments but I brought you guys few. And has expected people criticized her saying she’s a married woman and has no right to go out braless. Phew! Sigh!! Some of the comments below…

iamclobis3k3 Was the nipple display a mistake or part of the swagga? To him whom much is bequeated more is expected

emmanuelson22Were is your bra @tiwasavage

goldman_28Hmmm ! @tiwasavage see as your N***le stand like #JacobZuma statue for #Owerri


dj_dougzeeI guess the title of song will be nipple watch out @tiwasavage
siyanbolaolasubomiTiwa Savage is running mad

faithfuledozie_ebubesee nipples

abekegladys Married woman,ur nipple dey show

zukkermannDats huge Madam Tee.

romaineayena@ajibareolaniyijoel yes you are right. And when the African women start beating their husbands like those white and American women do, you will be the first to crucify them. We can’t be them. We have culture and tradition. We have moral. I don’t judge what she wears because it is her life but I can’t accept people comparing us to those Americans and European women. We are different.

sholly_boyI refuse to see what ya’all are’s too early to be nothing that dot in 2018…..all I see is the sauti Sol guy…..

mrprince_official@blissybae My Love I swear The Nipples Got me….. You know I have a man of his own down there

kinghorlaceAhaha see her nipple like boris ……

lionboy_centdammyChai that small stone ennnn

iamestellejaneThere is absolutely nowhere u would try to look in this picture that ur eye won’t notice dat DOT. The Dot is the star of this picture it’s just seeking attention anyhow, trying to steal tiwa’s shine. It’s so bold & strong like: see me o see me o

“Fulani Herdsmen Killed My Uncle, Dropped His Corpse At the Back Of Our House” Benue Attack Survivor

A survivor of the Benue attacks, James Igbudu has described how Fulani herdsmen attacked one of the communites leaving his uncle dead.

Igbudu explained that his uncle, Julius Ntwangwa, who worked with the Benue State Agriculture and Rural Development Agency, was among those killed by the herdsmen, who dropped his corpse at the back of the house.

He said,

“The herdsmen were moving out of Benue State through the road connecting Benue State and Nasarawa State when they decided to block the road. The road is between Umuange and Barkin Kota. They attacked the people who came for the New Year celebration. They butchered a lot of them that night.

“We managed to sleep till this morning (Tuesday). We thought they would not return. However, this morning, I was sleeping when I heard sudden screaming.

“Immediately I woke up, I heard a gunshot. I quickly held my mother and two children as there was confusion in the village. There were a lot of old people around. We jumped into the bush, from where we burst out to the main road. As we burst out, there were gunshots at out back.”

Igbudu said he called the state Police Public Relations Officer, Joseph Yamu, to alert him to the attacks, adding that Yamu informed him that the Divisional Police Officer in charge of the area was already heading for the community.

The survivor explained that after dropping off his mother and children in Makurdi, the state capital, he returned to the community without seeing any policeman.

He stated that he later learnt that the DPO and some officers had gone to another village which had been attacked by the herdsmen.

“I went to that village, which is close to the governor’s town, and saw nine corpses. They brought them to Gbadima Hospital. My uncle, Julius Ntwangwa, who had come to celebrate the New Year, was also killed.

“Six others, who were critically injured in my village, were also brought to the hospital,” he added.